Välkommen till Sigill Kvalitetssystems sidor för företag och intressenter.

Under den här menyn har vi samlat information för dig som är producent eller företagare och vill veta mer om vad en IP-certifiering innebär. Genom att klicka på valfri produktionsinriktning når du den del av IP-standarden som gäller inom området.

Läs om IP-standarden och vad en IP-certifiering kan göra för dig och ditt företag.

Här finns information om IP-standarden, affärsmässiga fördelar med en certifiering samt information om ägaren Sigill Kvalitetssystem. 


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Companies which are certified according to IP base certification or IP Sigill certification are allowed to use a label for IP certified production. The IP label comes in two different sizes and two different colour combinations (white and black background). It is designed to be used with the company’s name and always together with the IP- and/or GC-number linked to the certification of the company.



 This labels are not for use just shows the layout.


Just fill in the form below to register and download your customized IP label. When the download is complete you save it by right clicking on it. The IP label can thereafter be used on homepages, social media, marketing material/advertisements/PR, publications, mail papers, delivery notes and certificates issued by the accredited certification body.


Observe that usage of the IP label are not allowed on products or packaging material. Compliance of terms and agreement on label usage will be randomly controlled on up to 20 % of the companies registered for using the customized IP labels.


If there is any uncertainty regarding label usage please contact us and we will help you.

E-mail: info@sigill.se

Telephone: (+46) 08-787 59 50


(Ex. IP 12-34567 eller GC 12-34567)  


The IP label can be used by companies which would like to show their stakeholders that their business are certified, according to the IP standard.


It is mandatory to always use the IP label together with both company name and ID number, which starts with the letters IP and/or GC. There are fields under the IP label destined for ID number(s). Companies having two ID numbers should communicate both.



- Marketing materials

- Company publications (e.g. annual reports/financial reports)

- Mailing materials if all of the company’s owned locations/websites/ accommodations/manufacturing sites are covered by the certificate

- Delivery notes – homepage/SoMe

- Issued certificate by the certification body, accredited for the IP standard


The label is NOT supposed to be associated with a specific product. Therefore it is NOT allowed to use the label on:

- Products/raw materials (including packages, wrapping material, tape etc.)

- Product descriptions, documentation etc.


It is okay to scale up/down the IP label. Any other modification is NOT acceptable nor to use it in a way which breaks the “Terms and conditions”.




It is okay to scale down or enlarge the IP label but it is NOT allowed to modify the label’s format/design.


Minimum size: 14 mm width

Maximum size: 70 mm width


The IP label can NOT be enlarged in a way which makes it larger than the company logo.



It is okay to use the IP label on websites, booklets and other materials which are related to the company name and describes your business. Feel free to add a link to www.sigill.se.



On envelopes, mailing papers, invoices and delivery notes it is important to have a correct management of the IP label’s placement. The IP label should be placed either near your company name and the company’s logo or in the page footer. It is NOT acceptable to use it when the mailing material contains several locations/addresses/accommodations/manufacturing sites and not all of them are covered by the certification.



Download and instructions are found on www.sigill.se.



Random controls are done every year on up to 20 % of the companies registered for download. If any misuse are found the company gets a corrective action plan which should be implemented within 30 days. If the corrective action plan is not implemented, within 30 days, a penalty of 15000,- must be paid to Sigill Kvalitetssystem AB.

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